It was the late ’60s. With a 3-speed record player and a plastic guitar, Patti Ramsey set out to learn every song that come out of the AM radio. She won a real guitar in a music store contest, and by age 9 was regularly tuning in her favorite teachers—Johnny Cash, Glenn Campbell, and the Midwestern Hayride. By the end of high school, she’d won a radio-sponsored songwriting contest and appeared on WMNI’s Country Cavalcade. As a soloist and in various groupings, Patti has played music from folk and country to jazz, blues, gospel, and rock, including original work. Her passion for songwriting is equaled only by the love of singing harmonies, which she does with the Mary, Mike and Larry combo and in the recording studio. She enjoys pilgrimages to Nashville and is a member of the Nashville Songwriting Association International. Patti is way happy to take a break from car pool, scouts, and home improvements to make “good music with the good folks” in Halfway Home. Hey, are grownups supposed to have this much fun?

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