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Halfway Home packs a song list that reads like a roadmap through the heart of American Roots Songwriting.
From the familiar to songs from roads less traveled,
Americana music – a gritty, no-holds-barred look at the human condition, sparking laughter, smiles, and tears.


OK kids...here's an excellent opportunity to get out of the house a couple of days after Christmas. If you have somehow survived all those relatives and need a couple of hours of entertainment to take your mind off that ugly sweater your aunt Edna got you in the gift exchange...come on down to Tara Hall on Friday, Dec. 27th.

Halfway Home plays from 8:00 to 11:00. You could bring Edna and a couple of other relatives you're still speaking to for a couple of cold ones and some tunes. Hell, wear that ugly sweater, the folks at Tara Hall aren't judgmental, and we promise to not "notice" it either.

You can use the Tara Hall evening as a warm-up for the Buckeye bowl game, or a "light" walk-thru to build up to your New Year’s Eve activities.

Whatever your deeply personal motivation, drag yourself and some family or friends down and enjoy the hospitality and friendly bartender, and the music. Maybe after the last set we can all go out in the parking lot and burn some sweaters.

Patti, Renilda, Brian, Pat and Mike




Brian Szuch: electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, bouzouki and resophonic guitar
Mike Hale: mandolin, bouzouki, acoustic guitar, banjo and percussion
Patti Ramsey: acoustic guitar and percussion
Pat Casey: accordion and djembe
Renilda Marshall: bass
All members sing both lead and harmony vocals.


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